Kadai Charcoal Maker
Kadai Charcoal Maker

Kadai Charcoal Maker

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The Kadai Charcoal Maker is very easy to use, simply pull off one end and pack the charcoal maker with pieces of wood (any wood will work but hardwood logs will produce better charcoal, smaller chunks will produce the best results) and place in your Kadai fire for two hours.

During the first hour you will see moisture coming from the vents at each end and from around the end panels, during the second hour flammable vapours are produced which burn with blue and yellow flames. Once complete leave the charcoal maker closed to cool until the next day, opening the charcoal maker too soon will allow your charcoal to burn in the oxygen rich air. You now have charcoal ready for your next barbecue.

Approximate Size: 42cm x 23cm x 26cm