Set of Three Kadai Grill Trays

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The set of three kadai grill trays is great for cooking delicate items on your grills, such as fish or thinly sliced vegetables which would normally break up as you attempt to turn them on the standard hot grills.

By using the grill tray more delicate foods which would normally stick to hot grills and fall apart as you try to turn them stay in one piece and still get that barbeque flavour from the hot coals.

The kadai grill trays are also brilliant to use with vegetarians who don't like to eat food that has been anywhere near meat, using grill trays avoids the need to put vegetarian food on the same grills as meat.

The set of 3 grill trays contains:

1 x grill tray approximately 45cm x 30cm

2 x grill trays approximately 30cm x 22cm

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