Recycled Kadai without a stand

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Cooking Tripod to fit Kadai
60cm Recycled Metal Cover
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80cm Recycled Metal Cover
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Each Kadai comes with single 4mm 'Holi' grills to be laid within the Kadai bowl, these provide an area large enough to allow for a hotter central area central in the bowl to cook over and a slightly cooler area at the sides where cooked items can be kept warm or foods such as chicken can be cooked more slowly without burning.

The grills have a central portion which can be lifted out whilst leaving the outer edges in place, this is useful for topping up the cooking fuel in the centre of the bowl without having to remove all the food on the grill.

The grills can be lifted out of the kadai after cooking to allow the addition of firewood and logs to transform your Kadai into a fire pit to sit around.

Hand made wrought iron tongs and a wire cleaning brush are included.

In the base of the recycled barbeque fire bowl is a gauze filter to allow rain water to drain freely from the bowl if left out. This gives you a low maintenance barbeque that will last for years, all you need to do is give the grills a quick brush down before and after cooking. We recommend storing the cooking grills in a dry place to avoid rusting

Every recycled Kadai is fitted with strong drop handles for easy manoeuvrability even when lit.

We recommend placing 5 to 10cm of coarse sand in the base of the Kadai bowl, this will protect the bowl from very hot fires and possibly double the life of your kadai