Kadai Pizza Oven

Kadai Pizza Oven
Kadai Pizza OvenKadai Pizza OvenKadai Pizza OvenKadai Pizza OvenKadai Pizza Oven
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The Kadai Pizza Oven is hand made to Kadai firebowls specification from natural clay and combined with Kadai's own design of metal stand and Pizza Oven accessories to offer one of the best and most versatile Pizza Ovens available today!

The Kadai Pizza Oven works like a wood fired oven in Italian restaurants but with the wood fire in your Kadai Firebowl and the Kadai Pizza Oven standing over it on a special metal frame, there is a horse shoe shaped slot cut out in the back of the oven base so that flames from the wood fire can rise up into the back of the oven and lick the edges of the pizza giving a wonderful crispy baked flavour to your pizza.

To use the Kadai Pizza Oven simply position the metal stand in your Kadai firebowl (Kadai's 70cm and larger are recommended for use with the pizza oven), place the Kadai Pizza Oven on the stand and heat (gently at first) over a log fire until the cooking temperature is reached, usually around 180 to 200 degrees centigrade or 350 to 400 degrees fahrenheit. Place your pizza on the pizza plate and insert into the pizza oven using the peel supplied. The pizza will need turning once or twice to make sure that it is cooked evenly on all sides as the side placed by the cut-out at the back of the oven will cook more quickly. The pizza will be cooked in approxiately 2 to 10 minutes depending on the temperature of your oven.

Remove your pizza and enjoy!

Repeat the process until satisfied!


Approximate size:
57cm x 57cm x 44cm high
Weight approx: 28.5kg

Allow your pizza oven to cool sufficiently before putting it away, we do not recommend leaving it out in the rain and would recommend storing it in a dry place between uses.

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